About The Fish Sempai

Sempai is a Japanese term used in martial arts means “Student of Higher Learning”. It refers to the student who has gone before and gleaned invaluable experience and understanding. He or she then has the responsibility to continue in their learning and to pass on a legacy to the next student.

Andrew Bridgemohan, the sole proprietor of the Fish Sempai has been a longtime student, not only of Goju Ryu karate, but also of goldfish and koi collecting. This enthusiast began his hobby fish farms in Trinidad over twenty years ago, where the family property hosted large outdoor ponds used to spawn and cultivate various breeds and pedigrees of goldfish and koi.

Today, Andrew runs the Cambridge based import and breeding business supplying goldfish and koi from Asia to destinations throughout Canada. Andrew’s personal philosophy is characterized by discipline, consistency and progress. These hallmark features are equally applied to the management of the Fish Sempai to ensure:

Quality  •  Tradition  •  Value  •  Service

The Fish Sempai invites you to arrange for an appointment or to call with any questions, as he adheres closely to the age old saying: “If there is anything you do not understand, press the master tenaciously until you are satisfied with his explanation.”