We have had koi for over 15 years and take great pride and pleasure with our ponds. We have always been very happy with the quality of fish we have purchased over the many years from The Fish Sempai. Andrew's attention and care to his fish go above and beyond what we ever expected - his knowledge and experience are amazing. He has always taken the time to answer our questions, assist us with fish and pond related inquiries- his customer service is exceptional.

Since meeting Andrew our ponds have grown in number - we now expanded our collection to include fancy goldfish. Again- the quality of fish we have purchased have been outstanding! The various types and colours are truly remarkable- always something to look forward to when visiting The Fish Sempai.

Thank you Andrew!

Sandra Santos - Baden, Ontario

I've been purchasing high quality goldfish from Fish Sempai for as long as I can remember. Andrew provides exceptional service and had some of the best goldfish and goldfish related products available anywhere in Canada. I would highly recommend Fish Sempai to any serious collector or breeder of fancy goldfish.

B.Tai - Mississauga, Ontario

I have found that you have great customer service, extremely knowledgeable in the business and have good pricing for fish. you also have quality fish for sale. I would highly recommend you for to someone to purchase fish from.

Take Care,
SS - Brampton, Ontario

The Fish Sempai is a great way to expand my collection of quality fancy goldfish which is quite hard to come by in Canada. The first time I got my shipment of fish from Andrew it was very exciting, the fish looked exactly the way I saw it in the pictures and they were in great condition. I would like to thank Andrew for helping me get my hands on rare breeds of Chinese goldfish and I'm looking forward to my future goldfish keeping because of The fish Sempai.

George Knoetze Lethbridge AB

Andrew has the most beautiful fancy goldfish I have ever seen! Goldfish have been my hobby for over 25 years and I don't even bother looking in stores now. Thanks Andrew always look forward to seeing what you have! Rosalie,

Cambridge, Ontario

The Fish Sempai was a great experience! I am local and they even let me come and pick out my own goldfish. Very friendly and helpful and an amazing selection and great quality would recommend and buy again!

Angel - Kitchener, Ontario

“I received professional service from Fish Sempai and also very nice fish! The prices were reasonable and all the fish arrived in excellent condition. Thank you!

April - Peterborough, Ontario

You are the pride and joy of Canadian fancy goldfish breeding. Proud of you guys.

Jason P. - Montreal, Canada

I’ve known Andrew Bridgemohan/The Fish Sempai since 1999 and have been purchasing many varieties of goldfish from him since then. Andrew has always been highly responsive and has been fantastic to deal with.

He is a great resource and has been dedicated to importing both high quality and rare goldfish into Canada. As a board member on The Goldfish Council, I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is interested in obtaining high quality goldfish in Canada as he is able to ship to most major cities. For those living in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s always worth the drive to his farm.

T.TAI - Burglinton, Ontario

I ordered 12 young Ranchu about a year and they were excellent. Arrived in great shape and grew very well. Getting a half dozen Bubble Eyes now. Will buy more in the future. Thanks.

Rich H - Haliburton, Ontario

I have actively searched through all of Toronto and surrounding areas known for goldfish and have only found very few commercial grade fish at premium prices. Importing is tedious and expensive and you can’t tell what is going to be in the box. Andrew has the selection and quality that makes him the only stop you will need to make. He steps back and gives you all the time to look the fish over but is right there if you have a question. You will get five times the quality and selection for half the price of a pet store.

Dustin Mercer - Orangeville, Ontario

I have been dealing with The Fish Sempai & Andrew since I fell in love with goldfish several years ago. I contacted him to provide me with exceptional fish not available locally and as my hobby continues and number of aquariums increases I look forward to his new arrivals. I know if I have concerns about my fish he will return any telephone conversations for help that he receives. Thank you Andrew. Look forward to dealing with you.

Pam – Ottawa, Ontario

100% would recommend FishSempai. Why? 1) You can’t find any good pet shops in Vancouver that sells such quality fancy goldfish .(They arrived healthy, none sick and look exactly like the video he sent me ) 2) Responds via email, less than 24 hours 🙂 3)Andrew was really helpful & responsible. He made sure my fish arrived to my doorstep. when my shipment was misplaced (by the courier man ) a few doors away from me.

Thank you for the great service,
Janice Ting - Vancouver, B.C.

I am so over the moon happy with the incredible fish we bought from Andrew. They're absolutely show goldfish and have amazing form. Over the years I have bought many fancy goldfish and koi from him. They have always been in top notch shape. I am so in love with both of our goldfish tanks and Andrew has been extremely helpful and patient with all of my questions. He truly cares about each and every fish there. I am so grateful to have such a high-quality goldfish source in Canada. In the last 30 years I have met many people in the fish business but no one as kind and generous as Andrew. If you get your fish from him you will be in good hands.

Sowmya Johnson – Waterloo, Ontario

I have received amazing service from Andrew. My fish have been of excellent quality and care. He has a consistent standard in the fish he keeps. Well worth the drive from Port Stanley. I will continue to use his services, as I won't settle for less quality Goldfish elsewhere. If you want unique and healthy fish, hit up the fish sempai. He's the master!

Curt Beleutz – London, Ontario

The BEST place to go to get imported goldfish. Can not find the quality of fish like you do there. Andrew is a great guy and has decent prices. Traveling from Stratford ON. to his shop is well worth the drive.

Courtney Bynsdorp

I’ve been going to the fish sempai for my goldfish for almost a decade now. The reason I keep coming back time and time again is because the quality of the fish Andrew has is always top notch. No other place in Canada can compare in terms of quality or service that Andrew provides to his customers. You’re in good hands at fish sempai and I know you won’t be disappoint.

N Bui – Toronto, Ontario